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Courage allows us to move beyond the boundaries that define fear and primes us for exploring the possibilities that await on the other side.

Stephanie Burchell, founder of RelationshipCoach360, is a licensed therapist and professional coach with over 15+ years in the industry. Known for her combined expertise and multi-level approach, Stephanie brings science-based therapeutic techniques along with the strength-building goals and strategies of coaching to her work with clients. She delivers with an authentic blend of knowledge, insight, and ongoing collaboration in order for clients to grow, create change and thrive in their personal and professional lives. 

Stephanie’s clinical expertise equips her to identify, understand, and support clients to achieve and maintain their psychological-emotion health.  Given her extensive background in marriage counseling and couples therapy, Stephanie utilizes an emotion-focused based approach that aims to reduce conflict, improve communication, strengthen trust, and connection.

Stephanie understands that healthy relationships are key to achieving sustainable growth and change. She is committed to delivering a high standard of care and support while working alongside individuals, couples, leaders, teams, and organizations who are ready to lean in, grow, and explore the possibilities. 


If you are looking for a safe and supportive space to commit to your personal or professional growth, take the first step by contacting Stephanie today!

"My mission is to provide a high standard of care and support by creating a safe and encouraging space to explore the possibilities and take a chance on growing, evolving, transforming, and progressing into the very best version of you."





How well do you repair following

conflict with your partner?




What is the state of compromise

in your relationship?


Dr. Burchell's main office is located at 12720 Hillcrest Rd, Dallas, TX. In addition, Stephanie often travels to meet her clients and utilizes the convenience of live video for those who prefer to connect remotely. 


Minus the commute, participating in virtual sessions from the convenience and privacy of your home or office, means we have more time to commit to the counseling or coaching process. 

In Person

Working in-person is always preferred. If you are looking for a safe and supportive space to explore the possibilities and commit to your growth take the first step by reaching out today!

In House

Small business and corporate packages allow leaders and teams the synergy needed for professional success and productivity. The results reveal a happier, more productive, and focused workforce.


"It's been difficult finding a mental health professional who's confident in caring for me.  Dr. Burchell has no difficulty seeing the person I am in order to counsel the human being within.  I find it extraordinarily simple to be vulnerable with her. Her quiet confidence and astute assessments have truly been transformative for me, both personally and professionally."

- Karen, 52, Physician-Executive

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Stephanie Burchell PhD LMFT PCC - (214) 534-6177 -

Private office is located at 12720 Hillcrest Road, #120, Dallas, TX 75230