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Women in Leadership

It’s time for women to be represented at the highest levels of our society. With fewer role models available, many women struggle to find their authentic leadership style, a style that expands their impact, and avoids replicating traditional male leadership styles. As women tend to be natural born leaders, there is an exciting opportunity for women to develop the most unique, adaptive and innovative strategies for building strong and productive business cultures. It’s no surprise that Fortune 500 companies now understand that investment in executive woman and female leadership is an investment in the future. Business development and global challenges demand that we include the voices of women leaders in the decision-making process at all levels.

Stephanie Burchell empowers and inspires women, helping them find their own personal and authentic strategies in order to develop confident brands and lead others at transformative levels. She helps women negotiate and navigate barriers due to politics and gender bias as well as their own internal barriers, fears and doubts. Her knowledge, understanding and passion for helping women find their voice, explore their confidence and activate their higher potential will give you a strategic partner to support you along your career-life path. 

Some of the benefits you can expect to receive from coaching include, but are not limited to:

  • Working toward a leadership role

  • Creating a transformative leadership style

  • Life Coaching

  • Improving professional performance

  • Women's Emotional Health

  • Improving relationships

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Managing work-life balance

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