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Life Coaching &
Personal Development 

Unlike therapy, a certified coach will work with you to find solutions to problems that are keeping you stuck and prohibiting you from moving toward the future you want. During the process you will identify your core values, strengths and priorities so you can better align them with how you live your daily life.  have created based on your values, strength and priorities. My role as your coach is to help you discover your strengths and passions and transform them into identifiable and achievable goals that reflect your vision. The process of coaching is unique for each individual and highly customized in order to fit your current and future needs.


Depending on what you’d like to gain or achieve during our work together you may create a new vision based on exploring some of the following areas:

  • Identify your core values, strengths and priorities and align them with your daily life.


  • Discover what truly motivates and inspires you so that you can live a purposeful and meaningful life.

  • Understand and manage the gremlins of fear, doubt, worry and guilt that keep us stuck and interfere with progress.

  • Develop new insights and strategies that yield more effective time management and organizational skills.

  • Practice mindfulness to achieve a greater sense of self-awareness and develop resiliency to combat stress and unexpected life challenges.

  • Identify and reframe distorted thinking patterns in exchange for a more adaptive means of interpreting difficult and challenging life events.

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