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Team Development

An effective team coach will possess a wide range of skills and perspectives that are unique to understanding how systems operate and function, along with understanding the complex dynamics and organizational systems within which the team operates. A coaching engagement helps build effective relationships and understand the dynamics that exist within the team. Coaching is used as a means of intervention with existing teams and results in improved communication; conflict resolution; and performance. The coach helps identify where the team is and where it wants to go all while asking the right questions in order to keep the team moving forward.


When coaching is used to help develop new teams or existing, a high performing team is one in which all relationships within the team function well and all team members have a clear sense of the importance of interdependence, individual roles, goals and how they support and hold each other accountable.

A team coach will assist a team in staying on track to accomplish their goal. Depending on your coach and your situation, this could include:

  • Facilitating team meetings

  • Establishing expectations through a team charter

  • Assisting with creation of an action plan

  • Ensuring each team member is clear on his or her role(s)

  • Maintaining accountability for individuals

  • Managing any conflicts that arise

  • Confronting and addressing team dynamics and unresolved conflict

  • Moving the team towards completion of project on time and on budget                           

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