Intake Sessions

60 / 90 Minutes

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Intake sessions include a full history, evaluation, and assessment. Identifying the client's desired outcome and goals will also be established. 

Individuals:  $185 (50 minutes)

Couples:      $200 (50 minutes)

Extended 90-minute sessions are recommended for a Couple's Intake

Standard Sessions

50 Minutes


Following the initial intake, standard sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes. Extended sessions are also available upon request.  

Individuals:  $185 (50 minutes)

Couples:      $200 (50 minutes)

Extended 90-minutes sessions are available

Virtual Sessions

50 / 60 / 90 Minutes


Virtual appointments are an effective alternative vs in-person sessions. Whether traveling or a busy schedule, going virtual can keep you on point. 

Individuals:  $185 (50 minutes)

Couples:      $200 (50 minutes)

Extended 90-minute sessions are available

The fee for the initial intake session (90 minutes) is $400 and includes a full history, evaluation and assessment of the presenting problem. Fees for standard sessions (45-50 minutes) is $200.
The fee for the initial intake session (60 minutes) is $200 and includes a history, evaluation and assessment. Fees for standard individual sessions are $185 (45-50 minutes).
All forms of payment including cash, check or credit card are accepted. 
Insurance and HSA
All services provided by Dr. Burchell are self-pay, however, clients whose insurance plan includes out-of-network benefits and coverage may be eligible to receive partial reimbursement for services. A coded receipt will be provided in order for you to file a claim with your provider. Services also qualify as a medical expense and are eligible for reimbursement with a Health Savings Account (HSA). 
Appointments & Cancellations
Appointments are available with Dr. Burchell at her Dallas office location or by way of live video. To cancel or reschedule, please provide 24 hours advanced notice. Full charges will be applied for late cancellations and missed appointments.